I-80 Offering Generators

The average energy consumer in the US experiences almost 200 minutes of power outages each year and with the recent shut-offs by PG&E, Californians can exceed this number within a month.  Every minute without power is an inconvenience; not to mention the potential to lose money from ruined medications or spoiled food.

The solution? A generator.

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Portable Generators

Portable generators are generally smaller than home standby generators and cost less.

The convenience of these generators is that they can be used anywhere and don’t sit in one permanent position. You’ll just want to make sure they are around 20 feet away from your residence and any other structures. These don’t start automatically and they most commonly run off of gas or diesel fuel. You’ll need to have a stash of fuel ready at all times in case an emergency strikes.

Models Available

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*All Wacker Neuson generators come with a 1 year warranty.